LowT LasVegas Treatment starts with a Full Metabolic Bloodwork that test 25 different parameters including Blood Count Kidney Liver Prostate Thyroid and Testosterone levels.

After the Bloodwork returns, you will see a Licensed Physician, who will evaluate your results and answer any questions you may have.

Based on the Doctor Evaluation, if you are a Testosterone Replacement Therapy candidate you will be offered a choice of Testosterone Creams, Testosterones Gels or Testosterone Injectables.

Testosterone Medication

That’s it. No hidden fees. No weekly payments. No weekly visits. Really….That’s all to it.

Once you get your levels up you are gonna want to keep them up. In order to keep your Testosterone levels up, You can schedule your next Doctor visit in about 10 weeks to adjust your dose or get a new prescription……$100

By your 3rd refill in 6 months , we will re-check your Testosterone levels to see how the TRT is working for you and make any adjustsments in dosing……$175