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12 Testosterone Boosting Super Foods | Low T Las Vegas

Low T Las Vegas

12 Testosterone Boosting Super Foods

For men suffering from low testosterone there are a variety of treatments to help. Las Vegas testosterone therapy is one of the more popular methods. However, you can also increase testosterone levels with natural ingredients. If you want to boost your libido without visiting a male clinic in Las Vegas, try incorporating super foods into your diet.

At Low T and ED Las Vegas, we want the best for our clients. This means even with treatment through our centers, we want you to stay informed about advancements and solutions to the low T plight. Here are 12 natural testosterone boosting super foods you should try.

1. Honey

It’s sweet and sticky and goes great in salad dressing, green tea, and slathered on warm bread and butter. Honey also has natural properties which improve your testosterone levels.

It works by improving the serum level by increasing your body’s natural production of luteinizing hormone. As luteinizing hormone levels rise, your Leydig cells improve and aromatase begins in the testes. Honey also includes nitric oxide which promotes blood flow to the penis.

2. Egg Yolk

Egg yolk isn’t just the most flavorful portion of the egg, it’s also loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients and high in healthy fats. According to, “The T-boosting micronutrient in the yolk is vitamin D3, a bioidentical hormone for testosterone because it’s a cholesterol-derived steroid hormone. Proving this, a study published by Hormone & Metabolic Research indicated that total testosterone and free testosterone had increased by 400 percent after supplementing with vitamin D3 for over 12 months.”

Rather than purchasing D3 supplements, eating more egg yolk naturally in your diet will provide the same results.

3.  Oysters

They’re known as an aphrodisiac, but have you ever wondered why? Healthline suggests, “Zinc is an essential nutrient during puberty, and its effects can keep male hormones in check throughout adulthood. Men who have low T benefit from increasing their zinc intake if they also have zinc deficiencies. Oysters are good sources of this mineral.”

Studies suggest that taking zinc daily improves testosterone levels. The recommended dose varies by size and age, but rests somewhere between 8 and 14 milligrams per day.

4.  Almonds

Another zinc inducer is the humble almonds. Almonds make an excellent snack, salad garnish, or dessert topping. For those men who can’t stomach a lot of shellfish, almonds are a great alternative to oysters for a high zinc intake.

5.  Spinach

Spinach doesn’t boost testosterone itself, but it helps other testosterone boosting ingredients do their job. Spinach is loaded with magnesium, potassium, zinc, and vitamin B6. It is also packed with antioxidants and chlorophyll, which is cleansing to the digestive system. Together these make a great facilitator for testosterone boosters.

6.  Lemon

Lemon water is a great way to start the day and it seems it has more benefits than just a natural cleanser. Citrus, like lemons, are high in vitamin A. Vitamin A is essential to the production or testosterone. It also brings down your estrogen count, which could be affecting your other hormone levels.

7.  Tuna

Who knew a tuna sandwich could help save your sex drive? It appears tuna is high in vitamin D, which improves the longevity of your testosterone. It’s been well documented that with age, sex hormones deplete. Eating more vitamin D, especially protein-enhanced foods with vitamin D, increase the chances of your testosterone levels remaining high throughout your life.

8.  Beef

Red meat like beef is high in zinc, which we learned above has a big impact on your libido and testosterone levels. Beef also has vitamin D. Research shows that eating red meat to increase testosterone is a bit trickier than other foods, because the fattier the meet, the less likely it is to have the affect you’re going for.

For the best outcome, eat lean cuts of beef, and make it an infrequent addition to your nutrition plan.

9.  Onions

They may not help improve your sex life in terms of great breath, but onions could increase testosterone. They’re high in antioxidants and have the greatest outcome when eaten raw. In fact, you might see a variety of “raw onion juice challenges” on the internet. We don’t recommend drinking raw onion juice but tossing some into a salad or adding it to a burger once in a while could help.

10.  Pomegranate

Bursting with antioxidants, pomegranates are a super food worth including in your testosterone increasing regimen. WebMD writes, “Start your day with a glass of this ancient seedy fruit’s juice instead of OJ. It lowers levels of stress hormones, such as cortisol, which helps raise levels of sex hormones including testosterone. And it can lower your blood pressure and put you in a better mood!”

Pomegranate seeds also go great in salad, as a yogurt topping, or as a simple snack. For better testosterone in Las Vegas, daily pomegranate could be the answer.

11.  Mushrooms

We’re not talking about your run of the mill mushrooms like portobello or buttons. Medicinal mushrooms like chaga and cordyceps, however, are a long-standing remedy for testosterone improvement. They’ve also been linked with a healthy heart, bones, and bigger muscles.

12.  Ginger

It’s spicy, and great in savory and sweet dishes, ginger is also a natural testosterone booster. Medical News Today reports, “According to the findings of a 2012 study, taking a daily ginger supplement for 3 months increased testosterone levels by 17.7 percent in a group of 75 adult male participants with fertility issues. The authors suggested that ginger may also improve sperm health in other ways.”

Grate ginger into muffin mix, fry it into stir fry, or eat it picked with sushi. Ginger tea is also a nice relaxing way to increase ginger in your diet.

If you’re interested in Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Las Vegas, we invite you to visit us at Low T and ED Las Vegas. Our clinic is happy to discuss treatment and answer any questions you might have about low T, symptoms and alternative solutions. Contact us today for more information.