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We Provide 7 Essential Services


Doctor Visits

Doctor Visit

Everything starts here. Our professional office has licensed male medical practitioners who’ve been specializing in LowT since 2005. We will privately assess your concern and prescribe you proven FDA approved medications to help with a Low Testosterone or other related medical issues.

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Lab Services

Lab Services

Our Licensed Experienced Phlebotomists or CNA techs are here daily to safely draw your
blood and test you for a wide range of concerns, diseases, and issues.

We have a Full Service Lab ready to test you.

Tests Include:

1. A1C
2. Allergy test
3. Blood Count
4. Blood Type
5. Cholesterol test
6. Diabetes test
7. Drug Test
8. Lipids Test
9. Liver Check
10. Prostate testing
11. STD Testing
12. Testosterone testing

Plus a lot of other specialized case specific tests

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TRT Treatment

TRT Treatment

Having Low Testosterone affects everything from MOOD to FAT Burning to MUSCLE Retention to LIBIDO to SLEEP to ENERGY. It may be common but here at Low T LasVegas we have a proven treatment plan for you that is managed by a Physician. Choose From A Daily Non-Invasive Gel or Weekly Testosterone Injections. Get Tested Today and See If You Are A Candidate For Testosterone Treatment. 

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Our in-house pharmacy stocks Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml. So you’re able to pick up your FDA approved medication right away. No need to drive to a grocery store. After your Doctor Visit your meds will be hand-delivered to you and you will be shown how to use them.

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B12 Vitamin Shots

B12 Vitamin Shots

B12 will give you an Energy Boost
While helping treat Unhealthy Hair,
Unhealthy Skin, and
Unhealthy Nails

Overall energy is important to your general well-being.

Whether it’s for a Weight Loss, Energy or for ED a B12 shot can boost you.

Call today and Get your Weekly B12 Vitamin Shot.


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ED Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is a commonly occurring sexual disorder responsible for over 30
million men across the US not being able to maintain an erection regardless of age and race.

Let us help you, not be one of them. There could be a FDA Approved pill for you.

Consult a Real Doctor, Get a Proper Physical & A Personalized Treatment Plan. So If There Is Any Adverse Reaction We Can Offer Alternative Treatments To Help You

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Yearly Physicals

Yearly Physicals

With yearly physicals, the doctor can examine you and make sure you are aging in a healthy

That weird rash isn’t so weird to him. Let him can see it, treat it….done.

Got an angled penis? Let a doctor look at it and ease your concern

Having trouble urinating, dribbling at the end or frequent nighttime urges to pee? That could be
a sign of BHP sometimes called enlarged prostate or sign of early Prostate Cancer.

A yearly physical is one way to take care of yourself so you can be there for all of life’s

In TWO MINUTES you can schedule an appointment that can


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We Are So Confident in Our Low LowT Prices We Post Them. Bam!

Lab Pricing


Low T Las Vegas' Complete Metabolic Bloodwork

Our Full Service Lab is ready to test you for 27 different tests including Estrogen, Prostate, Testosterone Free & Total. Please remember to fast for 12 hours.

Bring Your Own Labs

You are free to bring us a physical copy of the less than 30 day old fasting labs you took. If any test is missing we will take them on your first visit. So come fasting just in case.

Follow-Up Low T Labs

After your initial labwork, any follow up Low T Labs are only $75 for the rest of the year. You may request them at any time. No Fasting needed.

Doctor Visit Pricing


Initial Doctor’s Consult for LowT

Every new patient or current patient trying Low T for the first time will have 1on1 with Licensed Male Physician who specializes in Testosterone Replacement Therapy about your symptoms, TRT Treatment and the potential side effects

Follow-Up Doctor’s Consult for LowT

TRT is a medically controlled substance. So every time you need a refill or want to change the dose you are required to see the Doctor to renew or change your prescription, talk and go over your lab results.

Follow-Up Doctor’s Consult for LowT and other medical concerns

Low T Clinic Las Vegas is full service concierge clinic. So if you have any other medical issues or questions the Doctor is here to help, advise or treat. So Ask Your Doctor About

Medication Pricing


Testosterone Cypionate Injection

Our typical TRT patient is generally prescribed Testosterone Cypionate 200mg/ml. The average patient pays $100 for 2 month supply which currently includes medication and needles

Testosterone Gel 88gram Jar

Testosterone Gel prices fluctuates greatly quarter to quarter and pharmacy to pharmacy. TRT Gels are prescribed to any patient not wanting to have testosterone injections.

ED Medication

Rather you choose Generic Viagra or Generic Cialis, Low T Clinic Las Vegas has partnered with ED Clinic Las Vegas to offer you Sildenafil or Tadalafil for $1.00 per pill. So a 30 Day supply would be $30. and you get to talk with real doctor who can also prescribe you the antidote when things go awry

B12 Shot

Everyone could use a little energy or metabolism boost. We offer it to Celebrity Performers, Magicians, Athletes Service Workers and anyone who wants a little boost. Its a fast working vitamin for anyone

We specialize in affordable testosterone treatment. Giving our patients the Lowest Cost Medicines is our priority. No specialist or Reputable online service prices can compete with ours. All prices are subject to change without notice