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How Your Hypertension Can Affect Your Efforts at Testosterone Replacement

High blood pressure has acquired a notorious reputation as a silent killer, putting sufferers at risk of stroke, heart disease and leg pain while walking, but its role in normal erectile function has been largely underestimated. It has also been found that erectile dysfunction is a bigger problem for men with hypertension than it is for men with low or normal blood pressure. If high blood pressure is a problem you are faced with, it is essential that you seek high quality Low Cost medical care in Las Vegas, as getting medication quickly could save your life and your sex life.

Erectile dysfunction in men has long been assumed a side effect of blood pressure medication, but more recent studies have revealed that there could be more to it than meets the eye.

High blood pressure can result in diseases of the blood vessels which is why so many people who have hypertension suffer from strokes and heart attacks. It can also cause damage to blood vessels, setting you up for complications like erectile dysfunction.

Men who are overweight, have high cholesterol and hypertension and diabetes or insulin resistance are more likely to have metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is usually caused by low testosterone, but studies have found a bi-directional relationship between the condition and each of its risk factors. Experts stress the importance of taking blood pressure medication regularly as a life-saving measure, but losing weight and participating in physical activity can do wonders to boost your natural levels of testosterone production. Following a diet that is low in sugar, low in fat and high in fiber can also protect you against metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity, all of which are more than likely to result in low levels of testosterone production. Reducing your alcohol and sodium intake can also have a positive effect on your blood pressure reading.

Doctors also recommend supplementing your dietary intake with vitamin A, C and D and taking calcium and magnesium supplements. The potassium content in one banana a day may also be enough to lower your blood pressure to acceptable limits. Experts also recommend substituting candy, sweets and milk chocolate for a stipend of dark chocolate which has also been found to have a beneficial effect on blood pressure.

Smoking has also been found to raise blood pressure temporarily and damages blood vessels, increasing your chances of atherosclerosis and ED. If you are going to invest in hormone replacement at a low cost health care Las Vegas center, it is important to modify your lifestyle risk factors to improve your chances of responding to treatment.