Over Paying and the Dangers of Competitor’s

by | Aug 25, 2021 | General, Group 03

While there are more than one clinic designated to helping men deal with cases of low testosterone, there are downfalls to choosing just any clinic. Low T Las Vegas takes our clients into consideration on every decision we make. From the cost of our services to our treatment techniques, you can be sure you’re in capable hands, and getting the best possible care for your money.

At competing clinics many patients will wind up paying weekly fees or monthly charges well over $200 USD. This cost doesn’t include your visit to a licensed physician, lab work required for low-testosterone testing, or the medication you’ll require following your diagnosis. You may also find that the clinic you choose isn’t as discreet as you would like, treating several medical disorders at one location and causing you to discuss your condition in a setting where you may feel less than comfortable.

As an alternative to traditional testosterone replacement therapy, some men turn to the “black market” for testosterone replacement therapy which can potentially lead 4 major issues 1.) Most if not all “black market” testosterone products do not even come from the United States, they are usually made in some clandestine lab outside of the U.S. (Mexico, China or Eastern Europe/Bulgaria) in which you have no idea as to what you are putting in your body 2.) “Black Market” Testosterone products cost equally the same as compounded testosterone products and sometimes are even more expensive than compounded testosterone products 3.) It is always best to be monitored and followed by a physician for testosterone replacement therapy because a physician can monitor your testosterone levels as well as your prostate health with simple and inexpensive laboratory test (blood work) and 4.) the purchase and selling of anabolic steroids is considered a Class B felony by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and is considered punishable with heavy fines and possible prison time since testosterone is considered a controlled substance. Utilizing the Las Vegas testosterone therapy clinics, rather than relying on sub-par or unsafe products from unknown sources is a safer and more successful choice by far.