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Top Four Questions About Testosterone Tests

When most men think about testosterone, they think about sex drive and masculinity and sometimes they think that asking questions of a personal nature can make them seem like less of a man. It is important to be completely transparent and honest with your healthcare provider before you start any kind of treatment to ensure that you have the best chance of benefitting from the treatment. If you have concerns that need to be addressed, low cost health care in Las Vegas can help you with the answers to some of the most important questions. Here are some that crop up often.

Is My Body Hair Proportional To Testosterone Concentration?

Studies have found a direct relationship, but hair growth is different in various parts of the body amongst men. For some men, testosterone might stimulate back or abdominal hair, while hair growth on the head may be suppressed.

What Are Bioavailable and Free Testosterone Levels?

A quarter of testosterone in the body can occur as “Free” and the rest is bound testosterone. Bound testosterone can be attached to a serum protein called albumin or to a binding protein known as SSBG (sex steroid binding globulin) or SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin). Testosterone that is bound to albumin does not have a strong tie and can come apart easily, so BAT (bioavailable testosterone) is worked out as the amount of albumin-bound testosterone plus free testosterone or the amount of testosterone that is not attached to SHBG.

If your SHBG levels fluctuate, it can cause inaccurate BAT measurements. Low SHBG levels can occur in hypothyroidism, obesity and nephritic syndrome. Higher levels can occur in hyperthyroidism and cirrhosis.

Why Do Women Need Testosterone Tests?

Women require testosterone, albeit it a much smaller amount, to maintain hormonal balance and proper bodily functions. Women with too much testosterone may grow extra body hair, experience an absence of menstruation, have irregular menstrual periods or become infertile. Testosterone is usually tested in women when these symptoms present.

Why Do Young Men And Teenagers Have Testosterone Tests?

Testosterone tests may be ordered in conjunction with LH and FHS tests in boys where puberty has been delayed or if it begins too early. Because your test results may be variable, depending when the test is performed, it is recommended to have more than one carried out. If cost is a concern for you affordable healthcare in Las Vegas can help you to find a solution that fits your budget expectations.