Frequently Asked Questions

What is the age limit that Low T Las Vegas, NV will treat for Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
Low T Las Vegas will not treat anyone who is under 30 years old for testosterone replacement therapy, erectile dysfunction or anti-aging, if you are suffering from Testosterone Replacement Therapy or ED and you are under 30 there may be some other underlying issue that needs to be addressed with a specialist (i.e. Urologist or Endocrinologist)
What are the symptoms of low testosterone?
As males age (over 35 years old) your natural production of testosterone diminishes and your symptoms are weight gain, low sex drive, fatigue, erectile dysfunction, hair loss, loss of muscle mass and mood change.
How do I know if I need Testosterone Replacement Therapy?
Since Low T Las Vegas is able to do laboratory work (Blood Test) at our location for a reasonable cost we can do a simple blood test (Testosterone Level and PSA) to see what your natural testosterone levels are.
Can I bring my own bloodwork?
Yes, If you had a full metabolic panel with Testosterone levels plus Free and Total levels done in the past 2 months bring a copy and we will not repeat your labs thus saving you time and money.
How often do I have to get lab work for TRT?
New Patients will get complete set of labs on your first visit. If there are any changes to your medication, you will need new labs at that time. In order to continue treatment, new labs are needed every 6 months.
What is the cost breakdown for TRT through Low T Las Vegas?
$310-$360 for Labwork, Doctors Visit and (10) weeks of treatment. See the treatment page for full breakdown.
How many refills of Testosterone will I receive?
Testosterone is a controlled substance. Nevada law requires a new prescription each time. You will have to follow-up with our Doctors in 10-12 weeks.
What other services does Low T Las Vegas offer besides TRT?
Low T Las Vegas has partnered with Patient’s Choice Medical Center to offer ED treatments, Lab work, Prescription Refills, Weight Loss Programs, and Wellness Checkups.
How does Low T Las Vegas differ from other male performance clinics for TRT?
Low T Las Vegas offers low cost medical services, compounded medication and laboratory services for Low Testosterone with no hidden fees & no required weekly or monthly visits. Since we are a medical clinic with other services your visit is discrete.